Able Looks to C2 Greener Moving Industry Footprint

BERRYVILLE, Va., Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The fastest growing moving company in the Mid-Atlantic has consistently and deliberately led the region in practices concerning wages, employee wellbeing, philanthropy, and customer relations, but now wants to ensure they are leaving no wake in their path.

Chief Operating Officer Steve Kuhn at Able reached out to CEO and Cofounder of C2 Management Chris Hansen to review the company’s practices and see if there is more that can be done to achieve 100% landfill diversion.

“We are proud of the millions of pounds we have rerouted from disposal over the years, but I wanted an expert opinion on what we can do better,” Steve says. “We also have a responsibility and a desire to bring the best methods in this area to the attention of our customers,” he adds.

Started in the garage of its founders in 1998, Chris and Sharon Hansen have grown the unique Berryville-based recycling company into a 10-million-dollar enterprise with regional government contracts as well as fortune 500 clients, and they are on the verge of major growth. The green asset recovery process pioneered by Chris Hansen in the early 2000s at a time when green was not popular has made the company a magnet for security conscious clients.

“We are different than most E-waste and IT recycling companies,” says Hansen, “because our expertise is not restricted whatsoever. C2 will scrap and cycle absolutely anything and everything that a client wishes in nearly 100% green methods.”

C2 clients can choose to participate in revenue gained from the repurposing of its assets or elect a straight fee structure, but either way will be able to claim laudable corporate responsibility. The company’s new 100,000 SF facility is the model of efficiency due to the trademarked software the company has developed to ensure the “cradle to cradle” life of all the assets that flow through it.

“When I toured the C2 facility I was absolutely blown away,” says Steve Kuhn, “and we ended up having our sales team bring some of our Fortune 500 clients to see what was going on out here. This story is going to get bigger and we are happy to be a part of it.”

Able has always believed in transparency when it comes to sharing its best practices with their peers in the moving industry, and this case is no different, especially considering the complimentary nature of the relationship between the two industries. “This is an absolutely win-win symbiotic relationship that every moving company can have in place to make sure they are doing the right things for our planet,” Kuhn says. “I encourage all of them to take a hard look at what C2 is doing, and we will be recommending them to those we interact and do business with.”

Able CEO Joe Singleton, also a member of the American Mover and Storage Association’s Independent and Small Movers Committee, sees C2 as an ideal presenter at a future conference. “I am proud to be a part of a company whose leadership team has the humility to bring in a company like C2 to ask what we can do better,” says Joe.  

The changing nature of the workplace as a result of advancements and the unfortunate emergence of Covid-19 puts C2 in the distinctive position to benefit from any commercial downsizing or technology shifts that may occur, and the company is ready for the business.

“Every day I am grateful for the team of employees at C2, and like Able, we take pride in running a family-values based company,” says Chris Hansen, “and also like Able, we are growing rapidly and looking for others to join our team. I commend Able for examining their methods and thank them for engaging us to be part of the solution.”

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