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When Amtrak was first launched it focused on providing commuters with a reliable yet cost-effective way of reaching their destination. In the recent year, there were few glitches that prevented the company from accomplishing their set goal.

Recently, one of the Amtrak trains to Boston got stuck for more than five hours. According to an Amtrak spokesman, “pantograph damage caused by debris in the catenary” started the problem. The staff quickly opened doors for ventilation and the passengers were freely moving around, so it was just the delay that caused issues. An Amtrak spokesman said the company is in the process of having “conversations with customers and offering appropriate compensation.”

The company recognizes that for many people, Amtrak is the sole travel option and that’s why they are now all geared up to make their services more reliable and luxurious.

“More than 890,000 Amtrak customers and commuter passengers rely on the Northeast Corridor for transportation every weekday, and we are working to make their ride smoother and more reliable,” said Amtrak Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Scot Naparstek in a press release.


In order to stay true to their promise of a comfortable ride, Amtrak will soon be providing customers with a distinctive Acela® Express experience that features a faster trip with fewer stops. The train will also introduce a newly upgraded Wi-Fi that’s 6X faster and more reliable. For the ease of all business personnel travelling on the train, Acela® Express also features handy electrical outlets and conference tables. This way you can take care of your business on the go. With adjustable lighting and large tray tables, Acela® Express adds more convenience for their commuters.

“This includes investing in the infrastructure needed to improve the on-board and station customer experience that will accommodate the increased high-speed rail service levels. Amtrak will invest in significant station improvements at Washington Union Station, Moynihan Train Hall New York, as well as track capacity and ride quality improvements to the [Northeast Corridor] that will benefit both Acela® Express riders and other Amtrak and commuter passengers,” according to an Amtrak spokesman.

And the services get even better for commuters who prefer to travel in First Class. With more enhanced accommodations, superior service, complimentary at-seat meal services, complimentary beverages, hot towel service and access to ClubAcela® lounges; the First Class is surely the place everyone would want to be. The roomy, comfortable seating along with the option to choose your own seat would make the journey easier for the commuters.

“By 2021, we’ll be introducing new high-speed trainsets along the Northeast Corridor—the next generation of Acela® Express. This new service will provide world-class accommodations and amenities, along with a smoother and even more comfortable ride,” said Jason Abrams.

Amtrak is all geared up to provide their commuters an experience that they’ll want to relive again and again!

“The next generation of Acela ® trains will set a new standard for rail service in the U.S., providing our customers with a superior travel experience,” said Vice President of Amtrak Northeast Corridor Service Line Caroline Decker.


Amtrack – Acela® Express Fleet The Chain Magazine / 04/01/2019