Dhana Inc. Releases the WearOurValues Report 2019 Revealing the Need for Greater Brand to Customer Value Alignment in the Fashion Industry

Edited 16/05/19

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Pushing value-alignment between the brand and customer within the fashion industry, Dhana is proud to release the WearOurValues Report 2019 at the world’s leading business event on sustainable fashion, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

As part of Dhana Inc’s WearOurValues campaign and in partnership with Dominican University of California, the WearOurValues Report is a baseline study assessing the gap between brand-customer value alignment as it relates to transparency made available during the shopping experience.

Dhana began the four-month study in June 2018, surveying over 5,000 people across 97 countries, positioning Dhana as the medium between the consumer and the brand within the fashion industry’s niche conversation on sustainability. The report discloses a clear need for more transparency as 97% of consumers want more brand transparency. When shopping almost half of consumers want to know about the ethical aspect, 41% want to know the environmental, and the remaining 16% want to know the location of production. In assessing marketing influencers like price, style, brand name, and trends in conjunction with whether consumers perceive value alignment with brands they shop with, Dhana found the consumer’s interest in wanting transparency when shopping was relatively the same. Most interesting was the distinction in types of transparency be it price transparency having to do with tracing where money is spent within the supply chain, effects on health when wearing the garment, cultural addressing company ethics and values, and the material ranging from sourcing methods to textile production.

Today, the report highlights the needs of conscious consumers who are expecting brands to remedy the environmental and social issues of the fashion industry. Dhana brings this report forward to unfold the various aspects brands can transform, innovate and share in order to hold themselves accountable and appeal to consumers at large. To invite brands to introspectively assess their own values and practices, make changes to benefit the people and planet, and to create informative shopping environments (online or in-person) to allow consumers to make informed shopping decisions reflective of their fundamental values.

Amongst individuals, this report is a catalyst to expand the conversation around transparency – to inquire more from brands, exercise their resources to learn more about the production of fashion and to seek out brands that offer transparency.

Going forward, the potential for this alignment will launch a new opportunity for conversation to happen whereby with every piece of clothing the consumer will be able to extend their impact in the fashion industry and ability to connect with the worker and environment.

“Today Dhana as a brand is committed to making a positive impact on social and environmental causes by launching initiatives to satisfy the needs of the conscious consumer. Responsible for more than profits, we stand with the people and on behalf of our planet because every day we wear something that has the power to connect us with humans and nature,” explains Shamini Dhana, founder and CEO, Dhana Inc. “It is my hope that the WearOurValues Report 2019 will bring greater alignment between brand and customer values. We inherently know that what we value, we naturally respect, make time for and protect. So in the same vein, when brands value all the people behind our clothes and the impact the supply chain processes and material have on the environment, then we will see greater transparency in the fashion and apparel industry.”

To view and download the WearOurValues Report 2019 click here.

About Dhana Inc: Dhana Inc. is a sustainable fashion brand for youth, committed to a circular model which is restorative and regenerative for the long term. Created by artists and inspired by nature, Dhana apparel reflects the lifestyle of the trend-setters, socially conscious, and environmentally savvy. Designed for babies, kids, and teenagers, Dhana’s clothing is made with organic cotton, recycled textiles, innovative fibers using sustainable and fair trade principles. Dhana was founded in 2008 by Shamini Dhana and is a Certified B Corporation, Fairtrade Certified Brand, and is the only youth brand to receive the CO Leadership Awards 2019 for sustainable business.

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