GMA Brand Awareness Expands Worldwide with Strategic Partners in Six Countries to Deliver Culture in Music

Edited 15/07/19

TAIPEI, Taiwan, July 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Golden Melody Awards & Festival 2019 has concluded on June 29th. Festival programs and design were expanded to more strategic alliances with music festivals worldwide, including TIMM from Japan, BMMF from Thailand, Live at Heart from Sweden, as well as new partners, MU:CON from Korea, City ROARS Festival from Malaysia, and Playtime Festival from Mongolia. GMA Music Festival this year was well received for highlighting popular music in Taiwan. GMA Showcase also included music across many regions and genres this year. For the first time, GMA Heat collaborated with Le Bureau Export in France and Singapore Music Society, and supported by many fans. “It’s an honor and pleasure to participate in GMA activities and panels, and we look forward to more opportunities in future,” said La Bureau Export representative, Benjamin Demelemester.

Golden Melody Awards & Festival visited major music festivals around the world each year to explore performance opportunities for outstanding singers and bands in Taiwan. Among strategic partners, Playtime Festival from Mongolia would be held right after GMA. “I’m very impressed by the diversity and quality of GMA award ceremony and festival in Taiwan,” said Playtime Festival representative, Natsagdorj Tserendorj. Composed of Taiwanese, Canadian and Brazilian musicians, Taiwanese band LEO37+SOSS visited Mongolia on July 7th to deliver breathtaking performances. When informed about the trip to Mongolia, LEO37+SOSS were all very excited. More Taiwanese musicians would participate in other music festivals abroad in the strategic alliance for more musical exchanges and performances.

GMA has successfully increased its brand awareness globally to introduce international perspectives and new opportunities. By participating GMA events in Taiwan, industry professionals can personally experience creative freedom, diversity, genres and dynamics in music.

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