Maintain Home-office Work Balance With Pocket HRMS’ New Plans

– Pocket HRMS announces new plans with added features for solving the HR problem of work from home and office

MUMBAI, June 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The year 2020 saw life and work get disrupted completely due to COVID-19. For the past few months, companies have been struggling against one of the most unprecedented challenges faced in human history. Pocket HRMS had risen to the task by empowering businesses with tools to manage changing work from home routines and employee management techniques. Now, as things are slowly getting back to normal, many organizations have begun their transition back to work and Pocket HRMS is stepping up to help them achieve this.

Pocket HRMS is pleased to announce plans that are specifically aimed towards getting businesses back on their feet. These packages offer a unique balance for employers who are looking to benefit from the growing popularity of working from home as well as those who are eager to resume their normal working hours.

“Apart from Core HR features of Payroll system, Leave, and Attendance, we’ve been diligently working towards equipping HRs with the correct set of tools for a balanced approach to working from home and getting back to office. Today, we are glad to announce specially curated plans that will facilitate smooth transition for employers who wish to promote work-life balance among their employees amid these changing times”, said Mr. Jitendra Somani, CEO of Pocket HRMS.

The two plans are detailed as follows:

  • Work From Home Plan: This is a powerhouse of features packaged to cater to the growing need to work from home with a focus on boosting work output with added project timesheet management tool.
    • Problem faced: Remote employee management and receiving work updates.
    • Plan highlights: Core HR Modules, Web and Mobile GPS Punch-In, Project Timesheet Management.
    • Objective: Increased productivity & staying up to date with daily employee work efficiency. 
  • Back To Office Plan: This plan aims to support companies which are looking to smoothly resume office hours by empowering them with the correct set of tools.
    • Problem: Health Compliance and Hygienic precautions.
    • Plan Highlights: Core HR Modules, Aarogya Setu compliance, Hygienic reminders, Web and Mobile Punch without biometric.
    • Objective: Seamless transition in resuming office hours and staying compliant with employee self-declaration records as per government norms.

These plans are launched with a goal to offer support to the corporate sector and facilitate them getting back on track in no time.

About Pocket HRMS

Established almost two decades ago, Pocket HRMS is a leading HRMS software in India. Its core values are ensuring the best in customer service, cost effectiveness, and powerful module offerings. The latest update has incorporated an improved AI chatbot, smHRty, that can interact with employees to apply leaves, answer queries, and more. Additionally, Pocket HRMS offers HRs a unique global look at their database with smHRt searcHR which is one of the first implementation of its kind in the HR domain.

Media Contact:
Pribhat Singh Sharma
Product Manager,
Pocket HRMS



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