NERDS® Candy and Actor Gaten Matarazzo Partner to Uncover the Stranger Origins of New Gummy Clusters

CHICAGO, Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NERDS® is partnering with mystery-loving actor Gaten Matarazzo and his fans to hypothesize on the stranger-than-life origins of the brand’s latest multi-texture invention – Gummy Clusters – which feature mini Rainbow NERDS surrounding and accentuating a fruity gummy center. Because they’re better together, Matarazzo is not only sharing how the crunchy, gummy, yummy NERDS innovation was created, he’s also inviting fans to visit his latest Instagram post and tag their clusters of close friends to get in on the fun. After all, NERDS is committed to celebrating nerdiness and bringing people together – because everyone knows two great minds are better than one… and more are even better.

“As a nerd and candy fanatic, I was pumped to team up with NERDS and support their new Gummy Clusters. I can’t wait to see what hypotheses fans come up with about Gummy Clusters!” said Gaten Matarazzo. “My nerdy friends and I stick together, and I love that we now have a new candy to enjoy.”

In December, Matarazzo gave 2020 one more mystery by teasing his partnership with NERDS and digging through a “TOP SECRET” briefcase filled with Gummy Clusters. It was then when he first hypothesized about the origin story behind the breakthrough, poppable treat, and decided to bring his fans along for the journey in 2021. Through Matarazzo’s Instagram, fans will get a more in-depth look into the actor’s own origin story, while he shares the important message of just how better we are together.

“Togetherness has always been at the heart of our brand, and partnering with Gaten Matarazzo has been a dream come true,” said Kelly Peyser, Senior Brand Manager at Ferrara Candy Company. “Gaten perfectly embodies the NERDS spirit, and we’re excited to see how fans spark to him on social and what fun hypotheses they create for our new NERDS Gummy Clusters.”

The Power of Creativity: Thinking Outside the Nerdy Briefcase  

While NERDS origin story is “TOP SECRET,” Matarazzo has brainstormed other fun hypotheses to inspire fans and get their creative juices flowing. Perhaps Gummy Clusters came about from a late-night candy explosion in the NERDS lab? Maybe from a three-hour virtual brainstorm with the six NERDS characters? A magnetic force that united all the tiny NERDS pieces and created a gummy center? Whatever it is, Matarazzo and NERDS want fans to share their creative hypotheses on how this crunchy, gummy, yummy invention came to be!

The Power of Connection: Proving We’re All Better Together

NERDS, one of Ferrara’s fastest growing brands, is committed to celebrating nerds and bringing people together. Along with Matarazzo, the brand is sending a special message about togetherness to start 2021 on the right foot. The focus is to encourage everyone to celebrate their nerdiness and their authentic selves, much like how the six NERDS unique personalities – Curiosity, Creativity, Spontaneity, Deep Thinking, Logic and Humor – are that much better when combined.

NERDS Gummy Clusters Availability

Available in the NERDS Rainbow flavor, NERDS Gummy Clusters are widely available in five sizes: 3 oz share pouch; SRP $1.29-$2.09 / 3 oz value peg; SRP $1.00-$1.29 / 3 oz theater box; SRP $0.99-$1.49 / 5 oz medium peg; SRP $1.89-$2.49 / 8 oz DOY; SRP $2.49-$3.99.

To find a retailer near you and to learn more about the NERDS product portfolio, visit and follow @NerdsCandy on Facebook and Instagram. To share your Gummy Clusters origin hypothesis, visit Matarazzo’s Instagram post and type in the comments section.


NERDS is the playful and fun-to-eat candy with a variety of delicious, crunchy, chewy and gummy options: Original NERDS including the iconic dual-flavored box, NERDS Ropes, Big Chewy NERDS… and now NERDS Gummy Clusters. The original iconic box couples two complementary flavors with dual chambers, allowing candy lovers to pour out perfectly imperfect pieces of pure delight. NERDS Ropes give fans a chewy, fruity string packed with crunchy, sweet NERDS, and Big Chewy NERDS and Sour Big Chewy NERDS have a crunch that surrounds a chewy center. The new NERDS Gummy Clusters have tangy, crunchy, mini NERDS clustered around a sweet gummy center for a poppable tasty bite.

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