Nurx Research Reveals Majority of People Believe in the Importance of Getting Tested for STIs, but Stigma Holds Them Back

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The U.S. is facing a steep and sustained spike in STIs with 20 million new cases being reported each year* and a new survey from Nurx highlights the divide between people’s attitudes and actions regarding this public health epidemic. While the majority of adults believe in some of the most effective solutions for preventing STIs – including getting tested and having honest conversations with medical providers and sexual partner(s) – most do not follow their own advice, with two in three sexually active adults admitting to not getting tested within the last year.

Nurx, the health tech company addressing sensitive health needs with convenient, affordable, and stigma-free solutions, is examining people’s attitudes and actions regarding STI prevention in coordination with recently introducing STI home testing kits, providing Nurx patients with an affordable and convenient solution to test themselves for many of the most common STIs.

In partnership with DKC Analytics, Nurx polled 1,000 adults across the U.S and found that many people do not know their STI status because they are nervous about the results, or afraid their medical provider or sexual partner(s) may judge them. Considering STIs are often symptomless, it’s possible many people are possibly going undiagnosed and untreated because they are too nervous to have the conversation or fearful about the results.

At the same time, the survey offers an optimistic outcome for embracing practical and tangible solutions for STI prevention–home testing. While the majority of people are not aware that STI home testing is available, an even higher majority said they would consider trying at STI home testing, which is more private, convenient, and more cost-effective than in-person testing.

“This survey underscores the importance of recognizing the significant stigma people face when getting tested for STIs, and the need for leveraging innovative solutions to ensure they are protecting themselves and their partners,” said Nurx VP of Clinical Services Jessica Horwitz. “At Nurx we’re committed to addressing sensitive healthcare needs that are often nerve-wracking, expensive, and stigmatized. We strive to provide our patients with affirming and judgment-free care and provide this access to care where it is most convenient and comfortable for them.”

A few key themes emerged from the survey findings:

The vast majority of people say it’s important to discuss STIs with their medical providers and partner(s), and that regular STIs testing is important.

  • More than four in five people (86 percent) say it’s at least “somewhat important” to get tested for STIs
  • Three in four people (74 percent) said it’s “very important” to be honest with your doctor
  • Three in four people (77 percent) said it’s “very important” to be honest about STI testing with their sexual partner(s)

Despite these strong feelings about the importance of STI testing, people are not putting their beliefs into action.

  • One in four sexually active adults (27 percent) have never been tested for STIs and only one in three sexually active adults (34 percent) have been tested in the last year.
    • 12 percent “can’t remember” the last time they were tested for STIs
  • Only half of people (51 percent) say they are completely honest with their doctor
  • Nearly half of people (47 percent) say they haven’t discussed STIs or sexual history with their sexual partner(s) in the past year

Many people do not know their STI status because they are nervous about the results, or afraid their medical provider or partner(s) may judge them.

  • One in three people (31 percent) are afraid their doctor will judge them about their sexual history
  • One in four people (24 percent) are embarrassed to discuss the date and results of their last STI test with their sexual partner(s)

STI home testing could be a potential and practical solution, but awareness remains one of the biggest barriers.

  • Three in five people (60 percent) said they were not aware STI home testing was available
  • Two in three people (69 percent) would consider trying STI home testing

Nurx’s STI Home Test Kits allows people to screen themselves in the privacy of their own home for many of the most common STIs. The company is offering an “all-in-one” service to its patients, providing a convenient, private, and cost-effective experience. In addition to home delivery of the test kits, Nurx’s medical team will work closely with each patient who tests positive for an STI to determine the next steps, offering oral treatment as appropriate, and working closely with patients to help them get in-person care as needed.

More information about the study, as well as the full results are available here.

Nurx’s STI Home Test Kits are available in 24 states and the District of Columbia, encompassing over 80 percent of the U.S. population. Patients can learn more and request a test kit at

About Nurx
Nurx is an all-in-one healthcare company that offers easy online access to medical providers and seamless home delivery of medications and testing kits for sensitive healthcare needs. We believe everyone should have the freedom to live well and be in charge of your healthcare decisions, regardless of your circumstances. From diagnosis to delivery, we make every part of getting healthy and staying healthy, better.

Survey Methodology:
This survey was conducted using the online survey platform Pollfish, and compiled by DKC Analytics. The sample of 1,000 adults (18 and older) in the United States was surveyed between February 11, 2019 to February 12, 2019. The margin of error is 3.16% and no additional weighting was done to the initial sample. Pollfish’s survey platform delivers online surveys globally through mobile apps and the mobile web along with the desktop web.

*Center for Disease Control

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