Super Green Net Zero Energy Insulation With A New Invention from Bee Enterprises

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — This new insulation invention for all buildings, recently filed with the US and World Patent Offices offers vacuum panels that are rechargeable, repairable and cheap.

Patents are pending for super insulation and sound proofing Panels that can offer as much as R60 per inch, but best of all, the insulating value can be dropped instantly to R15 and can maintain a comfortable temperature, day and night and summer and winter. Gone are the days of over insulation, high cost and super thick walls.

The Panels:

A. Do not require any hazardous materials either in the manufacture or installation. Workers will not need any protective clothing, or gear. The Panels can be made with off the shelf, environmentally friendly materials.

B. Can be made of sustainably produced and/or recycled materials, and because the Panels deliver much higher insulation values than conventional insulation, less lumber is needed. A six inch wall including 2 inches of this new material will be able to provide up to R120 and the environment is protected because the need for up-stream mining and forestry operations will be reduced.

C. Will reduce Energy inputs to a home drastically. The Panels can absorb heat into a home when the insulating vacuum is reduced. Some insulation zones can maintain R120, while others, on South facing walls and ceilings can be dropped to R15, letting heat flow in. After a very hot day, all the Panels can drop to R15 to let heat flow out, replacing it with cool night air, or cool air from ground tubes. All of this activity will be controlled from a digital screen in the home, instructing a computer.

The Panels can be shipped flat to a job site. The component materials will not decompose for about a century. At end-of-life, the Panels can be recycled as Panels, not trash.

Interior walls use a special patent pending insulation hangar, as simple and cheap as a joist hangar, to place the Panels across the studs and avoid thermal bridging. Retrofitting becomes cheap and easy.

It is now possible to eliminate heating and cooling costs with sustainable green super insulation made locally in low capital cost factories, while protecting worker and homeowner health.

For more information, contact Larry Pierce at or 1 250 335 2189

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